Monday, September 29, 2014

It's all right for him...

It's all right for him... He goes off in the morning -- and you can see he's anticipating the bustle, the life, his day will bring.

Problems to sort out, people to talk to, have a joke with. Lunch with his friends. Then back to his work, absorbed and interested, until it's time to come home.

I've got a full-time out-of-home job, and I have to say this is a rather rose-glasses view of it.

But all you have is an empty house. And the same dull round of household tasks. There are times when the thought of it takes the heart out of you.

But compare it to household tasks.... I'd rather have the drudgery of meetings and corporate red tape than laundry and dusting.

It's on days when you feel like this that 'Sanatogen' Tonic Wine is so helpful. And so enjoyable.

I can honestly understand why some of my stay-at-home-mom friends tend to have a fair amount of wine. (Not tonic wine nowadays, mind... just wine. Which I guess is slightly more honest?)

'Sanatogen' Tonic Wine is a wonderful restorative. This pleasant-tasting combination of tonic elements and rich, ruby wine soon has you feeling your old self again.

Which explains why it's the world's most popular tonic wine.

Something to take the edge off.

It's sad.

That's lovely ... that's better

But, much to my surprise, Sanatogen is still available.


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