Monday, October 13, 2014

It won me a wealthy admirer!

Wow, sounds fabulous... whatever "it" is! I could use a wealthy admirer -- preferably handsome and in great shape, actually, but I'll settle for wealthy. So let's read on and find out this amazing secret!

I've got to have my church committee here to lunch tomorrow, and I do hope that rich Mrs. Armstrong won't be too critical!

Why should she? You know you're the best little housekeeper in town!

I'm confused. Is she little, or is the house little?

What a perfectly lovely luncheon! And how clever you are to get your salt to pour so well in this rainy weather!

Oh, that's just because I use Morton's Salt -- its uniform cube crystals won't cake!

Little known fact: the Morton's slogan would have been "When it rains, its uniform cube crystals won't cake" if their factory in Chicago had only been twice as long.

My dear, I'm thrilled by the way that Morton's Salt you told me about ended my clogged salt-cellars after all these years. You're every bit as smart as you are pretty!

This... what... I can't even. I don't want snobby, rich old ladies as admirers. SO DISAPPOINTED.


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