Monday, September 1, 2014

Guest Husband

This narrative's title ends up being profoundly disappointing. It sounds like a quirky affair plot (especially after that first sentence!)... but it turns out Geoff is just so frequently away from home his wife feels he's more of a guest than a family member. Sad, really.

"Geoff is away on business most of the week. The first time he arrived home unexpectedly there were only meat left-overs for the meal.

"What a crisis! I ran for help to my neighbour. She overwhelmed me with good things from her shelf of Batchelors canned foods. There was gorgeous Batchelors soup. Tender Batchelors peas made the meat seem a lot. And Batchelors fruit was a treat! Last week, back from abroad, Geoff awarded me nylons after my latest Batchelors meal. He thinks I'm the wonderful one."

A true crisis indeed; everybody knows that leftover meat is just dreadful compared to tinned soup and peas. Luckily Geoff was won over and Mrs. Geoff was able to score some nylons!

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And as a bonus, the Batchelors Bee (get it? B for Batchelors?) is sharing a delightful recipe for peaburgers. Try it today!


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