Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm not a bad girl! You're a bad mommy!

I can't even make snarky comments about this one. Just read it.

"You're a bad mommy!" I could hardly believe my ears! Was this my little girl walking to me! Why, I tried so hard to be a good and wise mother. But here was my little Mary looking at me as if she hated me!

It all started when Mary needed a laxative. She hates it, and this time she simply refused to take it. I tried to force it down her and she sputtered it all over the carpet. So I slapped her and said she was a bad girl. Then came the tantrum!

Well, I'd seen those laxative tantrums before, but this time it upset me more than ever. I was moping on the porch when I saw the school nurse passing by. So I called to her and asked her advice. (She knows so much about children.)

"All mothers should think more about the laxative they give their children," the nurse said. "Forcing a child to take a bad-tasting laxative can shock her delicate nervous system. And it's so unnecessary. Why don't you try Fletcher's Castoria?"

"Mary will love the taste of Fletcher's Castoria. And you can be sure it's thorough -- but always mild and safe. It's made especially for children and there isn't a single harsh drug in it. I'm positive it will solve your problem."

Well, I got a bottle of Fletcher's Castoria and made the big test. Mary took a spoonful and loved it! She hugged me and said I was the best mommy in the world! Fletcher's Castoria has solved Mary's laxative problem ever since!


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