Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Her Saturday Night Gingerbread brought him back

Alice, after several years of marriage, began to feel that Jack was getting tired of domesticity and just her. In particular, she thought, his eyes wandered all too often in the direction of pink and white Betty Thornton.

Alice, however, had a way with her, too. So she bought an exotic black satin at Dale's which made her figure look like a movie star's.
Nothing counteracts the seven year itch like a new dress.

The next evening, she prepared a dinner of simple delicious dishes, ending with Jack's favorite dessert -- Brer Rabbit Gingerbread, heaped high with whipped cream.

It was while Jack was lifting his third forkful of gingerbread to his mouth that he said what Alice had hoped all evening he would say.

"There's something about this dinner, darling, that makes me feel like a pampered prince. Everything is so perfect -- and you look like a princess."
Pampered prince? That sounds... kinda juvenile.
Alice thought, as she smiled across the table into Jack's worshipful eyes, "It's the gingerbread that did the trick ... he's as crazy about it as a little boy. There's no molasses flavor like Brer Rabbit."
Really? No credit for the sexy movie star dress?

Oh, wait, Brer Rabbit doesn't sell black satin.
Soft, delicious gingerbread, made from Brer Rabbit Molasses is always a great favorite with husbands. They love its pungent flavor, its tang and delicious aroma.
I actually was really hoping for a recipe here; I have a spouse who loves gingerbread. Guess I'll have to go get an exotic black dress.


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